Thursday 27 June 2013

How to Get Celebrity Quality Hair Coloring for Less Than $10

Women often envy celebrities because of their great-looking, flawless hair. From Mia Farrow's classic pixie cut to Jennifer Aniston's Friends-era haircut called "The Rachel," we've been imitating our favorite star's styles for years.
Case in point, Glamour Magazine's UK edition just published the most popular celebrity hair trends for 2013, and short cropped cuts are back. Michelle Williams sports brilliant blonde locks, Rihanna and Emma Watson offer really rich reds, and Oscar-winners Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry are living for dark, glistening blacks.
While not everyone can pull off these short hair styles, there is something all these lovely ladies have in common, and which every woman can achieve for themselves: incredible color.
No, we're not talking about using a basic over-the-counter treatment. Those may be affordable, but these mass-produced colors don’t last as long, don't leave your hair feeling soft, and are often messy to apply. This is not a star-worthy option.
Big name celebrities obviously have big name stylists. However, even mainstream salons can provide high-quality hair dye and great results. The problem, of course, is that these visits are pricey, especially for women who frequently treat gray roots.

Now an innovative new company called eSalon is bringing celebrity-grade hair color to the masses — and at prices everyone can afford.
Getting the Perfect Hair Color
The reason salon treatments are so effective —and expensive— is because formulating hair color is both a science and an art. You get a fully personalized, custom blended color created specifically for you, and the ingredients are a much higher quality. That shows in the way it lasts, as well as how it makes your hair look and feel.
ESalon employs professional colorists, accessing more than 2,000 color variations, to create high-end custom blends specifically for your hair, and which can't be found in typical drug store brands. You just complete a short “hair profile” on the eSalon website, giving the same information you would provide a salon stylist. Next, you pinpoint exactly the color you want via their online matching system.
Professional colorists then review your order and profile, mix your color using salon grade hair dyes, and ship everything to your doorstep— all within two business days. Their high-quality dyes provide 100 percent gray coverage and include ingredients such as Vitamin E, B5, and aloe vera. This leaves hair rich and shiny, and helps the color last a long time.
It may sound crazy, but the company has prepared more than 300,000 custom hair color applications, thanks to both the quality and price.
A complete color application from eSalon normally costs less than $20 per application— not much more than drug store brands, but with the quality and formulation you'd expect at a professional salon for three times the price.
Best of all, eSalon is currently offering new clients an incredible deal: treatments for only $9.95 (that's a 50% savings), plus $4.95 shipping and handling. And every eSalon order features a 100% satisfaction guarantee; that means if you're not satisfied, they'll refund the entire amount — including shipping.
You don't have to be wealthy to show off beautiful celebrity-style. With eSalon, you'll have the rich quality and incredible color you love, and you'll never have to break the bank or settle for cheap drugstore brands again.


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