Tuesday 6 August 2013

Moe and Mirvat’s Story

My Name is Moe am 27 years old, I live in United Arab Emirates, in Abu Dhabi, and 14 years ago when I was like 13 years old, I was in love with a girl she used to live next door, every day I used to stay 9 hours just waiting for school to finish so I can go and wait her to come from school just to look at her sweet lovely eyes.
So when the school bus drop me home I just go running to the bathroom to take a shower, put on my perfume, and put on the best clothes I have every single day.
I go call my best friend and ask him to go out waiting with me, her maid used to wait her too, with her small little brother and his name is Moe too, he was 2 years old that time he used to be so cute, I used to spend all the time playing football (a game I hate) with him just to see her kissing him when she arrived from school and I stayed this way months without even telling her about my feelings.
At the summer time I went to my country for a vacation, I got her a gift with the letter M as the first letter of her name (and by the way Her name is Mirvat) and I decided to go to her house and knock the door and give her the gift just like that.
And I finally knocked her door and she opened, but there was one problem that she opened the door like she was going to kill me for bothering her while she was sleeping or something, anyways she was angry and her eyes were on fire, so I freaked out and I couldn’t think what to do, finally I told her I just got this gift to your brother Moe, and I was like :S .
That was the last day I ever saw her, they traveled for a vacation and then we moved from that aria, and I never been able to meet the girl I love again.
So before 3 months I was surfing the net and I was searching in a nice website called Facebook, I saw a lovely girl who is single and she’s 27 years old , she looked so beautiful I liked her profile picture and it’s the only picture I could see because she’s not in my friends list, I add her to my list and she accepted and I never got the time to go to her profile and see her pictures, after a while she left a comment on 1 of my pictures I loved the comment then I replied back, I added her to my MSN Messenger and we started to chat, after along adult chat she told me that she saw my face somehow or somewhere before, and that made me go to her profile to have a look at her pictures, and when I saw them I was shocked I was going to have a heart attack, is she the same girl I used to love 14 years ago?
I asked her a lot of a questions and all of them made me sure that she’s my dream, I was strong enough just to tell her that I used to love her long time ago. I told her that I played too much football just for you and just to see you, and that gift was for you not your brother but she couldn’t remember it, she smiled and couldn’t believe all this.
We talked that day on the Internet more than 13 hours , was so amazing no story such as this one, and we met the day after that, and we are in love now with each other and we are planning to be engaged soon.
This is my story and I just feel so happy sharing it with everyone.
Moe & Mirvat


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