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The magic of methi for your hair and skin

The magic of methi for your hair and skin

by Kriti Saraswat

Methi or fenugreek is widely used in Indian cooking to add a distinct flavour in various dishes. Not only does this green-leafed wonder have various health benefits like controlling diabetes, reducing cholesterol levels, and aiding digestion, it also comes in handy as a beauty tool. It can help solve everyday hair and skin problems in an expensive way. The reason it is so good for our hair and skin is because it has a compound with oestrogen-like properties called diosgenin. It is also rich in proteins, vitamin C, iron, fibre, etc. Here's how to use it in home-made packs. (Read: 15 health benefits of methi)

To get rid of dandruff

Methi can help reduce dandruff. In order to make a paste out of it, soak a handful of its seeds overnight in water and then grind to a coarse paste in the morning. Now apply this mixture on your scalp and leave it for a few hours. Then wash your hair with a mild shampoo or shikakai.

Another variation to this paste is to heat mustard oil with a few leaves of henna in it. Then strain it. Once it cools down, add the methi paste to the oil and apply on the scalp. Keep it for half-an-hour before washing your hair.

To reduce itchiness on scalp

Methi can help reduce the itchiness and small bumps on the scalp which are a result of heat or dryness. In order to counter these, soak fenugreek seeds overnight in water. In the morning, strain the water and rinse your hair with this solution.

You can even use other ingredients in addition to methi seeds to get relief from itchiness. First, chop and grind some tulsi leaves and then mix sesame oil (til ka tel) in it. Heat this on a low flame and add a few fenugreek seeds to it. Once they start to crackle, turn off the gas. Apply the solution only once you've let it cool and strained it.

To control hair fall

Hair fall can be detrimental to one's personality and self-esteem. In order to control it, make a paste of curd (dahi) and methi seeds. You can grind them before you mix them in curd and then apply on your scalp. Do keep it for about 30 minutes and then shampoo your hair. (Read: Home remedies for hair loss that actually work)

To lighten acne scars

Your pimples have disappeared but have left pesky scars on your face. In order to lighten them, boil a few seeds of methi in water for 15 minutes and allow it to cool. Strain the seeds and apply the liquid on the scars with a cotton ball. Follow this ritual at least for a week to see results.

To get rid of burn marks

Burn marks are tough to get rid of but methi can help fade them over time. First, make a paste but grinding seeds soaked overnight. Apply this mixture on the marks and let it dry completely. Now wash the area with water and continue its use on a regular basis.

To prevent pimples

Methi can prevent the eruption of pimples as well as help treat blackheads. For this, instead of the seeds, use the methi leaves. Grind them with a little water to make a paste. Now apply it on your face at night. Wash it the next morning with lukewarm water. if your skin is prone to acne, it is best to use this paste regularly to keep pimples at bay. (Read: Why do we have acne)

Remember, home remedies take time to show any effect. Using them just once will not show any marked improvements. So use them on a regular basis. 

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