Thursday 19 September 2013

Natural fruit face packs for awesome skin!

Natural fruit face packs for awesome skin!
by Kriti Saraswat

Tan removal creams, hydra facials, anti-acne gels… the list goes on! If you are confused and want to stay away from all these products but still want to keep your skin happy, why not give home-made fruit face packs a try? If you choose the right one, they won't disappoint in giving you the desired results. And the good news is, there is something for every skin type.

While beauty salons too offer fruit facials, they aren't restricted to just the application of fruits. They involve the use of some or the other cream or gel which will have chemicals and may cause a reaction if it does not suit your skin. To top it all, they will charge an exorbitant amount for what you can do yourself at home. All you need are fruits which are suited to your skin type.

Since oily skin is prone to attracting dust and dirt, it needs fruits which can remove this oily film and leave it feeling soft and glowing naturally. Try packs made of orange, lemon and strawberry for the same.

Dry skin on the other hand, craves moisture and hydration. As a result, citrus fruits are a big no-no for it. Fruits which are rich and pulpy work best. Banana, papaya and even peach make for good face packs for dry skin.

Besides these two, people with normal skin type also need some amount of care and upkeep. While they can try any fruit pack as such, tomato and watermelon are good options as they not only tone and make the skin tighter but also remove tan and keep signs of ageing like wrinkles, lines, etc at bay. 

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