Saturday 21 September 2013

More Cleanliness Can Weak Your Memory : A Research

More Cleanliness Can Weak Your Memory : A Research

Many people in the world has habit of cleanliness and they think it half of faith.To keep clean your home and surrounding,save you from many diseases and health problems.Recently a research has been made in this field that much cleaning can be harmful for human brain memory.Now lets see,what's the research says about this:

Cleanliness is half of faith,but most modern scientific research says that a lot of cleanliness pursuant can be risky for your health.And the weakness of human memory or it may be suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Researchers in a study at Cambridge University has warned that a lot of cleaning in the future can cause Alzheimer (memory-related disease) and may increase the risk of suffering from such diseases.

Researchers say that to recover immune system,is very important to have friends with friendly bacteria,and the balance limit should be keep in the cleaning pursuant and much cleaning can also be risky for the life. During this disease,human memory slowly becomes weak and affect his ability to communicate with others.

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