Thursday 26 September 2013

Is it possible to lose weight by walking?

Is it possible to lose weight by walking?

by Nirmalya Dutta

Of course it's possible to lose weight by walking. See what you've to understand about weight loss is that it's based on simple mathematics. If you eat X calories in a day and burn Y calories, you will only lose weight if Y is more than X. But Y isn't just the calories you burn in the gym or while walking, it's the calories your body burns throughout the day with its normal processes.

But how much weight you burn will depend on a number of different variables – what, when and how much you eat every day; how often you walk and with what intensity. It will also depend on your physical levels throughout the day.

Walking for weight loss

If you want to walk away those extra pounds you will have to keep in mind that when you walk, it's at a fast, brisk pace not a leisurely stroll. Of course you could be out of shape and it won't be extremely easy. If you're just getting some physical activity after a long time, we recommend that you start with at least 30 minutes of walking. In time you can gradually increase your pace and duration. The major problem most people have is that they get bored while walking and this leads to them leaving the activity. You can make it more fun by making walking a group activity or listening to music. If you're doing it in the gym you can always watch TV.     


Walking is a hassle-free activity, free and doesn't require you to do anything other than put on a good pair of sports shoes. It's easy on the joints and is a doable activity for people of all age groups. Research after research has shown that even a 30-minute walk every day is enough to keep obesity-related diseases like diabetes, heart disease, etc. at bay. Walking at 6.5 km/h, a fairly standard pace can help a 65 kg man burn 362 calories per hour. (Read: Could walking be more healthy than running?)


While walking might be good for losing that initial extra flab, it might be hard to get rid of stubborn fat from areas like bellies for men and hips and thighs for women. To lose that stubborn fat you'd need to up your metabolism which you go do through strength training, faster forms of cardio or other more strenuous exercises.  

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