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How do I make sure my baby is doing fine and is healthy?

How do I make sure my baby is doing fine and is healthy?

(Pregnancy query of the day)
by Dr Zinal Unadkat
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I am a 27-year-old woman and I am eight months pregnant. As my due date is nearing, my anxiety levels are rising as to how I will handle my newborn. Could you provide some tips on what I should do once my baby is born?

Answered by our expert Dr Zinal Unadkat.

Freaking out a little towards the due date is not uncommon. Every first time mother goes through some anxiety no matter how many books she's read so you are not alone. But with some handy tips, you can make sure your newborn is welcomed into this world safely.

There are a few important things to remember right after childbirth to let the baby adapt to the outside environment.

The baby should be pinkish in colour which indicates good blood circulation – to ensure this, provide warmth to the baby by keeping her/him close to your body.

The doctor should check for the breathing, heart rate, etc. and see that the baby is doing fine. In India, a healthy baby weighs anything between 2.5 to 4 kg.

Once this is done, the newborn should be breastfed because they are most active in the first one hour and will learn to suckle immediately. (Read: How do I know my baby is getting enough breast milk?)

Remember, there should be minimal handling of the baby. This means that the child should be carried, changed or fed by the least number of people, to avoid infections.

Babies tend to cry often but parents need to gauge why they are doing so. There are basically two tell-tale signs that there is something wrong – if the baby is crying too much and if the baby is too quiet. When the baby does not cry at all, he/she is not feeding well, is listless and lethargic, that is when you have to worry.

Make sure your baby sleeps enough, drinks enough milk, passes enough urine and stools and reacts well to stimuli. Even though newborn babies cannot see very well, they can feel and understand. So when you talk to them they will immediately become quiet, or if you pick them up, they feel your warmth and become quiet. So if you try all of this, and the baby does not get quiet and continues to cry, then you need to take the child immediately to the doctor. (Read: 10 expert tips to make the house safe for your baby)

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